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2015 Highlights


Join us at the ACOFP-CA Annual Scientific Medical Seminar August 6-9, 2015!


The ACOFP-CA Annual Scientific Medical Seminar is a MUST for medical students interested in family medicine and even those desiring to sub-specialize. The conference offers personal interactions with family physicians and residents, a variety of lectures, student-only discussions and panels, and various exhibitors. Students are given the opportunity to have one-on-one time with residents, listen to student-applicable lectures, and ask questions to a panel of residents from various programs. The ACOFP conference provides a priceless overall experience for students with touches of Disney magic and fun.


My experience attending and volunteering at the ACOFP-CA seminar was wonderful. My expectations of the conference were far surpassed. The physicians I interacted with were excited and encouraging, offering advice and sharing their experiences in family medicine. Resident physicians from various programs also shared their experiences and discussed how to succeed on rotations and in residency. Meeting residents from various programs allowed me to gain a better idea of which residencies would fit my personality and goals the best. The day-time lectures allowed me to strengthen my clinical knowledge and increased my exposure to new technologies and alternative medicine. I will absolutely be attending this year!


Jessica Moody, OMSIII

Western University of Health Sciences

2014 Highlights


Congratulations Kathleen Coquia for being WesternU's SAACOFP August Student of the Month!




The beginning of a new year...

With the beginning of a new school year, Western University’s ACOFP was ready in action to recruit new members during WesternU’s Club Day, an event designed to expose Western University students to the numerous clubs on campus.  Our newly-made ACOFP poster recounting events held last year and our bright green “Osteopathic Medicine, Explore More” gear helped to attract new and continuing students to our booth. Many students approached us with the curiosity to learn more about Family Medicine and with the enthusiasm to meet physicians in this field. Students often mentioned previous positive experiences shadowing or working with family medicine physicians and were looking for an organization to be more involved in as a student doctor. WesternU ACOFP was fortunate enough to have Dr. Steven Barag and Dr. David Connett, both prominent ACOFP members, drop by the ACOFP booth to interact with new student members. Besides having a desire to display an ACOFP pin on their white coats, new members were excited to be a part of an organization that would provide them guidance for their primary care ambitions. The members that I talked to were especially impressed that ACOFP is an organization that fosters advocacy in order to build recognition and respect for family medicine osteopathic physicians. They were also equally impressed that ACOFP is an organization that would support them even after their time here as students at WesternU in their lifelong endeavors as osteopathic physicians. With that said, our WesternU ACOFP organization was fortunate enough to recruit about 70 students on Club Day. 

Additionally in August, ACOFP was represented at WesternU’s Preview Day, an event where pre-health students gain insight into the many health professional programs offered at Western University. Many of the students that approached our booth were seniors in undergraduate college and wanted to know more about our experiences as student doctors at WesternU. Both Diane Padre, WesternU’s ACOFP Student President, and I talked about our positive experiences during out first year in medical school and how ACOFP provided us many opportunities outside of the classroom to learn about medicine. Specifically we talked about our interactions with doctors and fellow students at the ACOFP mixer, conferences, and family medicine workshops. We also communicated our role as future osteopathic physicians and the holistic approach we both believed were essential to medicine in today’s society. Overall, WesternU’s Club Day and Preview Day were great events to outreach to others about ACOFP our mission. 


Kathleen Coquia, OMS-II

SAACOFP National and Student Liason



Look back at our ACOFP-CA Student Chapter Booth at the WesternU Club Extravaganza

Thank you to all the student doctors, WesternU Faculty and ACOFP-CA membership for joining us at the annual WesternU Club Extravaganza. We had so much fun talking to excited young student doctors about our organization and vision for Osteopathic Family Medicine!


Look back at our 1st Annual Young Physicians Breakout Session

Thank you to all the students and residents for participating in the First Annual Young Physicians Breakout Session at the 38th Annual Scientific Medical Seminar, hosted by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians of California (ACOFP-CA). We hope that all that attended were able to learn and experience family medicine through our resident panel, lecture series and networking social with peers and future colleagues. See you next year!

David Lee, OMS IV
ACOFP-CA Student Board Member

Look back at our 1st Annual WesternU Family Medicine Social

Thank you to all the students, residents, physicians and ACOFP-CA Board of Delegates who attended our 1st Annual WesternU Family Medicine Social. Esteemed guests including Dr. Steven Barag, Dr. Mark Shiu, Dr. David Connett, Dr. Abraham Chen, Dr. Rick Hirsch, Dr. Michael Lee, Dr. Elizabeth dos Santos and many other physician attendings and residents who represented many highly regarded programs from around the area. With over 50 students in attendance, students embraced the opportunity to network with family physicians from around the area, to learn more about family medicine and to be welcomed into the ACOFP Family. 

Laura Murphy, OMS II
WesternU ACOFP-CA Student Chapter President

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